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Soulless: Chapter 2 :Sonadow:
Chapter Two
  ", what do you want from me now?" Shadow asked, looking at his ebony colored brother with light gray blue stripes and impressive glowering green eyes like emeralds. His quills and spines in the same places as Shadow's-making it all the more obvious they were brothers. The only difference between the two physically was that Mephiles had a crystal crown that arched out of his head in uneven spikes.
  "Oh, Shadow, you always assume my visits are strictly for you to get me something. Maybe I just vistited because I wanted to see my sweet brother...," Mephiles said in his strong and powerful voice that screamed power and strength.
  "I know that is a lie...I can hear in behind every word you utter." Shadow growled out, glaring at his brother, knowing another "favor" was about to be asked of him. Even when Mephiles knew that he had no time to do a pointless favor for even the King.
  Mephiles chuckled, "You are t
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Soulless-sonadow: Chap. 1
Chapter One
My…brother…those were fairly foreign words to Shadow. Mephiles had always asked him to call him "King Mephiles" Or "My lord" or even "My King". Shadow obliged-not wanting to cross the king's authority. Plus-being demoted would be…even more shameful to Shadow. His mother had thought him worthless, at least his brother thought of him occasionally. Though…How DARE he come to Shadow's home without even sending a letter before hand?! Of course, Shadow supposed, Scourge might've been a…'letter' of sorts. Still, Shadow dare not argue, "Oh? My…brother-Mephiles…how long it's been since he's seen me…how long…" Shadow muttered, thinking aloud as he tended to do at times when his mind was uneasy and his thoughts tumbled into endless jumbled up un-thinkable mist that he couldn't make any sense of.
Scourge chuckled, "You're thinking aloud again, my lord." He said finishing folding up the blankets that had once covered the floor. Much to
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Soulless-Sonadow: Prologue

Endless white mist encircled the ebony male as he lay in seemingly air, mist swirling around his body in a disorientating way, yet it made him look all the more peaceful. Though, if you saw him up close you would see a dark ebony colored male with opened crimson eyes with the smallest slits for pupils-His long lizard-like tail wrapping around nothingness, swaying in the air with an air of peacefulness. Crimson stripes ran all over his body, and rows of sharp teeth lined his elongated maw. Claws sharper then most knives adorned all his feet and golden bands were strapped onto his arms.
"Ah…Shadow…Lord of the Demons. Your brother is King, is he not? Are you resentful of him? Because he is older…wiser…stronger…better in every way compared to you. To always hold second place-it must be…difficult for you-mustn't it? I pity you, Shadow the Hedgehog Lord of Demons and son of Black Doom also Brother to the King of Demons. What a long dr
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I'm actually just an experiment account for Queenified/Yolo-Swagster. <3

So, this account will be deactivated as soon as I move my story over to Yolo-Swagster where I'll most likely continue it? XD

I love you guys anyways~ <3
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